One Must Be Born Again

On March 5th, while the Primary Class was learning about John the Baptist, Barbara taught her class about another important figure in the New Testament, Nicodemus.

Nicodemus, a Pharisee and a ruler of the Jews, was curious about the teachings of Jesus. Undoubtedly, Nicodemus had heard His message of redemption preached in the synagogues during the day.  But, Nicodemus confused being spiritually born again with being physically born again.  Nicodemus could not understand that the salvation Jesus offers is a spiritual rebirth.  One can assume Nicodemus spent a lot of time thinking about how one could be “born again”, but because of his position, Nicodemus did not want to be seen during the day time talking to Jesus.  He would surely be accused of conspiracy and was too proud to lose his position as a ruler and his high status.  But, nonetheless, Nicodemus knew in his heart that Jesus was different than the other teachers and priests and sought out Jesus in the night to ask the Master questions. Continue reading “One Must Be Born Again”


John Prepares the Way

On March 5th, the Primary Class learned more about John the Baptist.  Previously, the class learned that King Herod, even though he did not want to, beheaded John the Baptist at the request of Herodias.  This week, the children learned about John the Baptist’s role in spreading the message of the Gospel before Jesus officially arrived on the scene.

Sandra explained to her children that John the Baptist and Jesus were cousins.  Jesus did not begin His ministry until He was about thirty-three years old.  Before Jesus was publicly preaching repentance and salvation, John the Baptist was crying in the wilderness that One would soon come who would save the world from sin.  Sandra told the children that based on the description of John the Baptist, one would not expect him to be preaching Jesus.  John the Baptist was a typical “mountain man”, wearing clothes made of camel hair and dining on wild honey and locust.  One can assume that he would not have been able to enter the temples of Jerusalem without being given the stink eye or a disapproving look from the high priests. Continue reading “John Prepares the Way”

Searching for Jesus

On February 19th, the Primary class began a series discussing the life of Jesus.

To kick off the series, Sandra told the class about the time Jesus was separated from his parents when Jesus was just twelve years old.  When Jesus’s parents were leaving the temple from the yearly Passover Celebration, Jesus stayed behind, unbeknownst to His parents.  Soon, Mary realized Jesus was not with them and quickly returned to Jerusalem to search for her son.  After three days, Mary and Joseph found Jesus in the temple in the midst of teachers asking questions.

Sandra asked the class to think about a time they had lost something important to them.  She asked them to think about how awful they felt and how worried they were until they found the thing they had lost.

She asked the class to imagine how their parents would feel if they found their children were missing and had to search three days to find them.  Their parents would be like Mary and Joseph beside themselves frantically searching for their missing child.  Like Joseph and Mary, those same parents would also rejoice when their children were found safe and sound.  Just like the parents, when we find salvation in Jesus Christ, He, too, rejoices. Continue reading “Searching for Jesus”

Biblical Bad Guys: Satan

This past Sunday in the Primary Class, the kids learned about the ultimate Biblical Bad Guy, Satan himself.


Sandra started the class off by asking the kids who they thought was the worst bad guy in the Bible.  After a moment of thought, Owen declared the devil had to be the worst.  Sandra explained to the kids that at one point, the devil wasn’t a bad guy.  In the beginning,  Satan, or Lucifer as he was called, sat with God in Heaven and was the most beautiful angel of all. Continue reading “Biblical Bad Guys: Satan”

A Note from Cassie

Dear Reader,

I just have to take a minute and share something with you that really touched my heart during Sunday School class last Sunday morning.  I’ve thought about this for the last few days, too.

Two Sunday School lessons ago, the kids were introduced to Elijah and had asked lots of questions about him and his works for the Lord. Before the second half of the Jezebel lesson really got underway on Sunday, Sandra was explaining to the kids that when it was time for Elijah to depart from this earth, he did not die, but was taken by God to Heaven in a chariot of fire.  Sandra explained to the kids that the fire, while I’m sure looked like the fire we normally think of in all of it’s orange glory, didn’t burn Elijah because it was a spiritual fire.  Sandra was in the middle of telling the kids how glorious this chariot of fire- spiritual fire- was and how the spiritual fire was important when one of the kids quietly said, “Kind of like that bush.”

Kind of like that bush. Continue reading “A Note from Cassie”

Hooked on the Book!

The Primary Class has started a new challenge: memorizing Bible verses!

Each week, the Primary Class kids will be given a new scripture to memorize.  Once the child has the verse memorized and recites the verse to the teacher, he or she gets to add a new fish to their stringer.  The goal is to catch as many fish as he or she can!  Once the child catches twenty five fish, he or she gets a trophy!


Parents, remember to ask your child what the week’s memory verse is and be sure to help them try to memorize it!

Thy word have I hid in my heart, that I might not sin against thee.  Psalms 119:11


The Armor of God

On Monday, May 15th, the Primary class finished their study of the Armor of God and presented their armor to the church after Sunday School.

During Sunday School class, Sandra explained to the children how shields were designed in Bible days.  Soldiers used shields that were made of a leather and wood soaked in water.  The water-logged leather prevented the shield from catching on fire if a fiery dart hit it. According to the Bible, faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen.  A shield of faith prevents the Devil’s fiery darts from getting to our hearts.  We know that the Devil is a liar, so we can have faith in Jesus.

Continue reading “The Armor of God”

Sword of the Spirit

If you read last week’s post, you know that the Primary class is studying the Armor of God.  Last week, the class learned about the belt of truth and why a Christian should always keep his or her belt of truth on.  This week, the kids were taught about the sword of the spirit.

Sandra explained to the kids that the sword represented God’s Holy Word, the Bible.  The Bible is our weapon to use again the devil when we feel the devil is trying to tear us down. It is important that we, as Christians, read our Bible every single day.  By reading and studying the Bible, we can understand how we are to live and treat other people and how we can strengthen our faith. Continue reading “Sword of the Spirit”