Keep Your Temple Clean

On March 26th, the Primary Class learned about Jesus becoming angry in the temple.  Sandra began her lesson by telling her class that the holy temple had become a market place.  No longer was it a place to go worship God, but it had become a center of business.  Sandra gave everyone in her class each a handful of pennies and each kid was given a pretend product to sell.  The kids began swapping pennies for goods and services and proved to themselves how distracted the temple-goers had been when the temple was a market. Continue reading “Keep Your Temple Clean”


He Turned the Water into Wine

On March 19th, the Primary Class learned about one of the first recorded miracles Jesus performed during His ministry– the turning of the water into wine at the wedding at Cana.

Sandra explained to the class that Jesus and His mother, Mary, were invited to attend a wedding at Cana.  Weddings during Jesus’s time were week-long celebrations, instead of just a day celebration like the weddings in present day.  During the wedding at Cana, it appeared the family had no wine to serve the guests during the wedding celebration.  Upon hearing that there was no wine, Mary urged Jesus to help the family and provide wine for them.  At first, Jesus did not want to reveal Himself, but He obeyed His mother’s requests.  Mary had faith in Jesus and knew He could perform a miracle for the family. Continue reading “He Turned the Water into Wine”

Resist the Devil and He Will Flee

On March 12th, the Primary Class learned how Satan came to Jesus to tempt Him.

Sandra started the lesson off by showing her class a short video depicting Satan’s failed attempts to tempt Jesus.  After the video, Sandra discussed with the class why Jesus did not heed to the temptations of the devil.  Jesus was sent from Heaven on a mission to save the lost and did not want, nor was willing, to be distracted by the devil’s games and temptations.  Sandra explained to the children that we, as Christians, should be Heaven-minded like Jesus and resist the temptations of sin that Satan tries to put in front of us.  She told the kids that when Satan offers a temptation, such as lying or stealing, that we should do the exact opposite, such as not stealing and telling the truth, and run straight into the arms of our Lord. Continue reading “Resist the Devil and He Will Flee”

One Must Be Born Again

On March 5th, while the Primary Class was learning about John the Baptist, Barbara taught her class about another important figure in the New Testament, Nicodemus.

Nicodemus, a Pharisee and a ruler of the Jews, was curious about the teachings of Jesus. Undoubtedly, Nicodemus had heard His message of redemption preached in the synagogues during the day.  But, Nicodemus confused being spiritually born again with being physically born again.  Nicodemus could not understand that the salvation Jesus offers is a spiritual rebirth.  One can assume Nicodemus spent a lot of time thinking about how one could be “born again”, but because of his position, Nicodemus did not want to be seen during the day time talking to Jesus.  He would surely be accused of conspiracy and was too proud to lose his position as a ruler and his high status.  But, nonetheless, Nicodemus knew in his heart that Jesus was different than the other teachers and priests and sought out Jesus in the night to ask the Master questions. Continue reading “One Must Be Born Again”

John Prepares the Way

On March 5th, the Primary Class learned more about John the Baptist.  Previously, the class learned that King Herod, even though he did not want to, beheaded John the Baptist at the request of Herodias.  This week, the children learned about John the Baptist’s role in spreading the message of the Gospel before Jesus officially arrived on the scene.

Sandra explained to her children that John the Baptist and Jesus were cousins.  Jesus did not begin His ministry until He was about thirty-three years old.  Before Jesus was publicly preaching repentance and salvation, John the Baptist was crying in the wilderness that One would soon come who would save the world from sin.  Sandra told the children that based on the description of John the Baptist, one would not expect him to be preaching Jesus.  John the Baptist was a typical “mountain man”, wearing clothes made of camel hair and dining on wild honey and locust.  One can assume that he would not have been able to enter the temples of Jerusalem without being given the stink eye or a disapproving look from the high priests. Continue reading “John Prepares the Way”