An “Egg”tra Special Easter

Bible Buddies met for their April meeting a little earlier than normal this month.  Bible Buddies was held on April 10th, a week before Easter.

The meeting began with the children’s prayer requests and Jeff leading the children in prayer.  Once the prayer requests were prayed for, the children competed for the spirit stick by weighing which group, the boys or the girls, brought the most pennies for the playground.  This month, the boys brought the most pennies!

For the lesson, the puppet choir explained to the children the concept of resurrection eggs.  Each member of the puppet choir took turns asking the children to open a resurrection egg and then explained the significance of each symbol or object to the children in relation to the Easter story.  The eggs were filled with items such as a feather, a cross, a crown of thorns, and other things.

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At the end of the lesson, the children enjoyed another wonderful performance from the Buckeye Puppet Choir.

For the craft, he children made their own set of resurrection eggs to take home.  The children were instructed to show their resurrection eggs to someone and explain to that person how Jesus loved us all enough to die on the cross for our sins!

We hope you will join us next month for Bible Buddies on May, 18th!  We’d love to have you and your children!


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