A Wordless Book About Salvation

On April 2nd, the Primary Class continued learning about Jesus’s ministry.  This week, the class learned about Nicodemus and his failed understanding of being born again.

Nicodemus did not want to ask Jesus questions about things he did not understand during the day time because he was afraid if he was to be seen with Jesus, he would lose his rank as a high society member.  Instead, he sought out Jesus under the cover of darkness.  Nicodemus had a hard time understanding what exactly it meant to be born again.  Sandra explained to the children, like Jesus explained to Nicodemus, that the phrase “born again” means that Jesus washes a soul free from sin and makes a person’s heart white as snow, or new again.  She explained to the class that when Nicodemus heard the phrase “born again”, he thought it meant an actual second physical birth.  Nicodemus did not understand that the phrase meant a spiritual rebirth.

Sandra also discussed with the class how important it is to share the Good News of Christ, or witness, to others.  By witnessing, we are offering others the chance to know Jesus and become born again, too.

After the lesson, the children made a wordless book about salvation.  The children glued different pieces of construction paper together to make a book.  The black paper represents sin.  The red paper represents the blood Jesus Christ shed for our sins on the cross.  The white represents how Jesus can wash our sin away and make us white as snow.  Green represents how we grow in Christ by reading our Bible daily, attending church, and praying every day.  Yellow represents the streets of gold in Heaven.  If we continue to follow after Jesus, we will one day walk on those streets of gold.





 Marvel not that I said unto thee, Ye must be born again.  John 3:7

Writer’s note:  When discussing this lesson with Sandra, she said that it was her best lesson yet.  She said it was her best because the children offered lots of discussion about salvation when making their wordless books.  


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