Green with Envy

Buckeye Bible Buddies met for their March meeting on March 16th, 2017.



Bible Buddies began with prayer requests from the children.  Once the requests were heard and prayed for, Sandra and Dana began talking with Stacy, Lacy, and Tracy when suddenly the green-eyed monster appeared!  Sandra explained to the children that the green-eyed monster is also known as jealousy and envy.  Lacy admitted that she had been jealous of her sister’s pink high-top shoes and hoped that those shoes would be ruined by the mud.  After realizing her feelings were wrong, Lacy told the children that she had repented and asked the Lord for help keeping the green-eyed monster away.  All three girls proclaimed to have Jesus in their hearts and that sent the green-eyed monster running back to his cave!


Sandra used the story of Cain and Abel to explain to the children that jealously and sin hurts more than just the person committing the sin.  She brought Cain out on stage and told the kids how he was so jealous of his brother, Abel, that he killed him!


Sandra also used a science experiment to show the kids how Cain’s sin, jealousy and envy, not only affected him, but the others around him.  She explained, though, that sin can be forgiven and washed away by the blood of Jesus Christ.



After the lesson and the experiment, the children made invitations to revival and then were treated to a performance by the Buckeye Hollow Puppet Choir!



At the end of Bible Buddies, the children made green slime.  The slime represented the green-eyed monster and how sin can stick to everything, if not washed clean by the blood of Christ.




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