Searching for Jesus

On February 19th, the Primary class began a series discussing the life of Jesus.

To kick off the series, Sandra told the class about the time Jesus was separated from his parents when Jesus was just twelve years old.  When Jesus’s parents were leaving the temple from the yearly Passover Celebration, Jesus stayed behind, unbeknownst to His parents.  Soon, Mary realized Jesus was not with them and quickly returned to Jerusalem to search for her son.  After three days, Mary and Joseph found Jesus in the temple in the midst of teachers asking questions.

Sandra asked the class to think about a time they had lost something important to them.  She asked them to think about how awful they felt and how worried they were until they found the thing they had lost.

She asked the class to imagine how their parents would feel if they found their children were missing and had to search three days to find them.  Their parents would be like Mary and Joseph beside themselves frantically searching for their missing child.  Like Joseph and Mary, those same parents would also rejoice when their children were found safe and sound.  Just like the parents, when we find salvation in Jesus Christ, He, too, rejoices.

After the lesson, the children made “Finding Jesus” bottles.  The children filled a bottle with of rice and placed twelve different objects, which included pictures of Jesus, Mary, and Joseph inside the bottle.  Once the bottles were full, the children glued the lids on and glued a picture of Jesus on top of the lid so they would know what to look for.




I love them that love me; and those that seek me early shall find me.  Proverbs 8:17


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