Searching for Jesus

On February 19th, the Primary class began a series discussing the life of Jesus.

To kick off the series, Sandra told the class about the time Jesus was separated from his parents when Jesus was just twelve years old.  When Jesus’s parents were leaving the temple from the yearly Passover Celebration, Jesus stayed behind, unbeknownst to His parents.  Soon, Mary realized Jesus was not with them and quickly returned to Jerusalem to search for her son.  After three days, Mary and Joseph found Jesus in the temple in the midst of teachers asking questions.

Sandra asked the class to think about a time they had lost something important to them.  She asked them to think about how awful they felt and how worried they were until they found the thing they had lost.

She asked the class to imagine how their parents would feel if they found their children were missing and had to search three days to find them.  Their parents would be like Mary and Joseph beside themselves frantically searching for their missing child.  Like Joseph and Mary, those same parents would also rejoice when their children were found safe and sound.  Just like the parents, when we find salvation in Jesus Christ, He, too, rejoices. Continue reading “Searching for Jesus”


Jesus Loves Me

The Buckeye Bible Buddies met of the February meeting on February 16th, 2017.

The meeting started with Sandra asking the children if any of them had any prayer requests.  The children give in various requests and then all gathered around the altar to bring those requests before the Lord.


Three new Bible Buddies were in attendance during the February meeting.  Each of the three new members were called to the front and were given their very own Bible. Continue reading “Jesus Loves Me”

Jesus Loves the Little Children

On February 12th, the Primary Class celebrated Valentine’s Day.  Valentine’s Day is a day set aside to recognize the love we have in our lives and celebrate those we hold dear.

Before the children exchanged their Valentines with one another, Sandra taught the kids about the love Jesus has for everyone, even the little children.  She told the kids about the time a group of children were brought to Jesus to be prayed over.  One can assume the disciples attempted to shoo the children away, because the Bible says the disciples rebuked them.  But Jesus, with love for all, said unto the disciples, “forbid them not… for such is the kingdom of heaven.”  (Matthew 19:14). Continue reading “Jesus Loves the Little Children”

Trash Monsters

For the last two weeks, the Primary Class has learned about “trash words”.  No, no, not cuss words.  Although, the act of cussing was mentioned.

Sandra explained to the kids that “trash words” were actions that God does not approve of.  Sandra lead the kids in a review of the Ten Commandments and gently reminded the kids that the Commandments are pleasing to God and are things we should strive to keep and do, like obeying our father and our mother.  She asked the kids what things God might not approve of.

God does not approve of things like lying, cheating, bullying, and cussing.  She explained to the kids why these things are bad and God disapproves of them.  The Bible tells us that we should always be honest and tell the truth.  If we lie about the truth, we are letting sin into our hearts.  If we cheat, like on a test in school, we’re stealing answers from someone else.  If we bully someone, we’re not helping them grow closer to Christ. Continue reading “Trash Monsters”