A Note from Cassie

Dear Reader,

I just have to take a minute and share something with you that really touched my heart during Sunday School class last Sunday morning.  I’ve thought about this for the last few days, too.

Two Sunday School lessons ago, the kids were introduced to Elijah and had asked lots of questions about him and his works for the Lord. Before the second half of the Jezebel lesson really got underway on Sunday, Sandra was explaining to the kids that when it was time for Elijah to depart from this earth, he did not die, but was taken by God to Heaven in a chariot of fire.  Sandra explained to the kids that the fire, while I’m sure looked like the fire we normally think of in all of it’s orange glory, didn’t burn Elijah because it was a spiritual fire.  Sandra was in the middle of telling the kids how glorious this chariot of fire- spiritual fire- was and how the spiritual fire was important when one of the kids quietly said, “Kind of like that bush.”

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Biblical Bad Guys: Jezebel- Part 2

In the last Sunday School lesson, the Primary Class was introduced to King Ahab and Jezebel.  Sandra started the lesson by reviewing with the kids on who King Ahab was and what Jezebel had done to help King Ahab get his vineyard- she lied, cheated, and murdered Naboth.  She also reminded the kids that Jezebel was not the nicest of people and did not follow God’s commandments.  After she reviewed last week’s lesson, she told the kids about how King Ahab had died in battle and upon his death, his son, Joram, began to reign as king.  While Joram was technically the king, Jezebel, his mother, still held great power and was still a major influence in the politics and religion of Samaria.

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Biblical Bad Guys: Jezebel- Part 1

In the next lesson in the Biblical Bad Guys series, the Primary Class began learning about another bad to the bone lady named Jezebel.  Sandra started off the lesson by explaining to her class that Jezebel and King Ahab were only married to each other because of an arranged marriage.  Jezebel was not of the Children of Israel and did not grow up serving God or following his commandments.  Instead, Jezebel was from the country of Phoenicia, where other gods were served.

Phoenicia was a neighboring country to Israel and with the threat of other nations against King Ahab, King Ahab decided he needed an alliance with Phoenicia as protection and strength in a time of need.  To seal this alliance deal, King Ahab married the king of Phoenicia’s daughter, Jezebel.  As mentioned earlier, Jezebel did not serve God, she served a god named Baal.  King Ahab wanted to keep his new wife happy (and keep his alliance with Phoenicia), so he order the construction of many, many temples honoring Baal to be built.  Jezebel did not come to live with King Ahab alone.  Several hundred prophets of Baal followed her to her new home in Samaria, Israel’s capital.  After Sandra explained how Jezebel arrived onto the scene, she began telling her class how Jezebel helped King Ahab receive a new vineyard by lying, stealing, and murder.   Continue reading “Biblical Bad Guys: Jezebel- Part 1”

Biblical Bad Guys: Herod Antipas

In the Primary Class’s last lesson, the kids learn about a Biblical Bad Guy, well Bad Girl, named Herodias.  This week, the kids learned about her husband, Herod Antipas.  As was mentioned in the last post, Herod Antipas ruled Galilee and Perea.  This meant that when Jesus was betrayed by Judas and was taken into custody by the soldiers, Jesus had to stand trial before Herod Antipas and a few other rulers.


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