Under the Sea: Jonah and the Great Fish

Buckeye Bible Buddies met Tuesday, August 16th at Buckeye Hollow Church.


Caleb opened by asking the children if they had any prayer requests they would like to bring before God.  Once all of the requests were made known, several of the children joined together at the front of the sanctuary to lead the other children in prayer.

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One Sin Leads to Another…

On August 14th, Barbara taught her class about Joseph and his coat of many colors.

Jacob (or Israel), Joseph’s father, had twelve sons, but loved Joseph the most of all of them.  Because he loved Joseph so much, he gave his favorite son a special coat of many colors.  Joseph’s brothers were not happy that their father had so obviously displayed more affection to Joseph by giving him a gift than he did for the rest of his children and became very angry and jealous of Joseph.  His brothers were also jealous because Joseph had two dreams where his brothers and father had bowed down to him. Continue reading “One Sin Leads to Another…”

Esther: Part 3

On Sunday, August 14, Cassie finished telling the Primary Class about the Book of Esther with the help of her actors.

After Haman’s decree to kill the Jewish people was sent all throughout the land, Mordecai got word of the plan and went into mourning at the King’s gate.  Mordecai was not supposed to be in sack cloth (or mourning clothes) in the King’s gate and would not be consoled when Esther sent a servant to him with fresh clothes.  Esther finally went to Mordecai herself to find out why he was so sad.


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Esther: Part 2

On Sunday, August 7th, the Primary Class continued their lesson on Esther.

Last week, the class learned how King A was in search of young virgin to take the place of Queen Vashti.  King A’s search called for all of the fair, young virgins in his land to be brought to his palace.  Of those young virgins, King A would pick his new queen.  Each of the girls were required to spend months on end bathing and purifying themselves with sweet oils.  At the end of their purification, each girl was given what she required to see the King.

Esther, the cousin of Mordecai, was of the young girls taken to the palace.  Esther was an orphan from her youth and Mordecai had raised her as his own daughter. Continue reading “Esther: Part 2”

Esther: Part 1

Since Sandra is recovering from surgery (y’all say a prayer for her!), Cassie is filling in to teach the Primary Class.

This week, we started a new series on learning about Esther and how she was able to save the Jewish people from destruction through her faith in God and her position as queen in the kingdom of Persia.  Before the children learned about Esther, though, the children learned why King Ahasuerus was looking for a new queen.  To tell the story, Dana, Josie and Pennie helped act out the scene for the children.

FullSizeRender (1)

King Ahasuerus (Or King A, as we called him) wanted to throw a party for his people, great and small, to show off his riches. Continue reading “Esther: Part 1”

Hooked on the Book!

The Primary Class has started a new challenge: memorizing Bible verses!

Each week, the Primary Class kids will be given a new scripture to memorize.  Once the child has the verse memorized and recites the verse to the teacher, he or she gets to add a new fish to their stringer.  The goal is to catch as many fish as he or she can!  Once the child catches twenty five fish, he or she gets a trophy!


Parents, remember to ask your child what the week’s memory verse is and be sure to help them try to memorize it!

Thy word have I hid in my heart, that I might not sin against thee.  Psalms 119:11


The Pool of Bethesda

On Sunday July 24, the Primary Class learned about Jesus and the Pool of Bethesda.  For this lesson, Sandra used her helpers to help teach the children about Jesus healing the crippled man through a skit.


As the story in John 5 goes, in Jerusalem by the sheep market there was a pool called Bethesda.  Around this pool, many people with illnesses would lay around and wait for the moving of the waters. Continue reading “The Pool of Bethesda”