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Gone Fishin’

On July 22nd, Buckeye Bible Buddies met at the Saltville Wellfields for a night of fishing and fun!  Before the fishing began, Sandra opened the meeting with prayer.  Labreeska then led the children in a round of songs.  And after, Caleb taught the kids the story of Jesus calling His disciples to be fishers of men.  Caleb and his helpers acted out the skit for the kids and explained to the kids that we, too, are called to be fishers of men by showing others the way to salvation whenever we get the chance to do so.  Click through the slideshow to see pictures from the event!

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Join us next month for Bible Buddies on August 16th and don’t forget to bring your beach towel and sunglasses!


Making Fishers of Men

On Sunday, July 17th, Sandra started off her lesson by asking if the children liked to go fishing.  Colton told Sandra that he had been fishing before and caught a couple fish using a fishing pole.  Sandra told Colton that back in Bible days, fishermen used nets to catch fish.  She explained to him that the first four of Jesus’ disciples were fishermen and that when He called them to join His ministry, they left their nets behind to follow Jesus.  Continue reading “Making Fishers of Men”

A Bible Buddies Reminder

Buckeye Bible Buddies will be meeting on Friday, July 22nd, instead of the usual third Tuesday.

This month, everyone will gather at the Saltville Well Fields to enjoy an evening of fishing, a cookout, and a Bible lesson.  Kids of all ages, from 0 to 100, are invited to come!  Bring a chair, your fishing pole, some bait, and expect a good time!  We hope to see you there!

gone fishing

(Please, if you are over sixteen years of age and plan to fish, we ask that you do so legally and obtain your fishing license.  You may purchase your license at any participating store or online at http://www.gooutdoorsvirginia.com.  Thanks!) 

Prayer, it rocks!

On July 10th, Sandra taught the Primary Class about the importance of talking to Jesus on a daily basis.

To begin the lesson, she told the kids that Jesus taught his disciples how to pray.  Prayer is our way of communicating with Jesus and without it, we are sometimes unable to hear what He has to say to us.  Sandra related prayer to talking with a close friend.  When a person goes a while without seeing their friend, sometimes it is hard to get a conversation going. Continue reading “Prayer, it rocks!”

Feeding the Five Thousand

On June 24, Dana (filling in for Sandra) and Barbara combined their classes together to teach the Sunday School kids about the miracle Jesus performed when he feed the five thousand.

Dana and Barbara started off the lesson by asking the kids to imagine five thousand people.  They asked the kids to think about how much space would be needed in the church to hold all five thousand people.  The pews would be full, people would be in the floor, in the basement, and even standing on the porch and the church still wouldn’t be able to hold them all! Continue reading “Feeding the Five Thousand”

Father’s Day

This year, Father’s Day was recognized on June 19th.  Sandra took this day as an opportunity to discuss fathers and father figures that can be found throughout the Bible with her Sunday School children.  During her lesson, Sandra told the children how Abraham is often referred to as “Father Abraham” and explained to the kids that Abraham is the father of many nations.  Sandra and the kids also discussed our Heavenly Father, God, and how he sent his only begotten son, Jesus, to die for the world’s sins.  She explained that if a father truly loves his children, he will do anything to help his children and to ensure they have the best life possible– just like God did when he sent Jesus to die for us.


Continue reading “Father’s Day”

Bible School: Superheroes of the Cross

Buckeye Hollow Church held their annual Vacation Bible School on June 14th through June 16th, with a picnic on June 17th.  This year’s theme was “Superheroes of the Cross”.  Each night, the kids were taught about Jesus, the ultimate superhero, and the miracles He did while on Earth.  The kids were also taught about Jesus’ saving power.  Click through the slideshow to view pictures from the week!

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Buckeye Bible Buddies’ monthly meetings will start back on July 22nd! Hope to see you there!

Balaam and the Donkey

On May 29th, the Primary Class learned about the whole story of Balaam and the donkey.  Sandra started Balaam’s story at the very beginning.  She told the children that King Balak, the king of Moab, had sent princes to Balaam to deliver Balaam a message.  King Balak was afraid of the Children of Israel.  Sandra explained to the class that the Children of Israel had grown in numbers and had become a mighty people.

She explained to the kids that King Balak thought if he had Balaam’s help in speaking against the Children of Israel in God’s name, then his country and the Moabites would be safe from the Children of Israel.  At first, Balaam said he would need to converse with God about what he should do.  That night, God asked Balaam why the princes of Moab were staying in Balaam’s house.  Balaam told God that King Balak had sent them in order to convince Balaam to speak against the Children of Israel in God’s name so they would become weak.  God told Balaam not to go with the princes of Moab and not to speak against God’s people. Continue reading “Balaam and the Donkey”