Armor of God: Helmet of Salvation and the Breastplate of Righteousness

Over the last few weeks, the Primary Sunday School class has been learning about the Armor of God.  The last two lessons focused on the Helmet of Salvation and the Breastplate of Righteousness.

Sandra started the Helmet of Salvation lesson by asking the children what a helmet does.  The children answered her questions and said that a helmet protects the head.  She explained to the kids when a person is riding a bicycle, it is important to wear a helmet in case there is an accident.  The helmet protects the bicycle rider’s head and brain from injury. Continue reading “Armor of God: Helmet of Salvation and the Breastplate of Righteousness”


Sword of the Spirit

If you read last week’s post, you know that the Primary class is studying the Armor of God.  Last week, the class learned about the belt of truth and why a Christian should always keep his or her belt of truth on.  This week, the kids were taught about the sword of the spirit.

Sandra explained to the kids that the sword represented God’s Holy Word, the Bible.  The Bible is our weapon to use again the devil when we feel the devil is trying to tear us down. It is important that we, as Christians, read our Bible every single day.  By reading and studying the Bible, we can understand how we are to live and treat other people and how we can strengthen our faith. Continue reading “Sword of the Spirit”

Armor of God: The belt of truth

Lately in Sandra’s Primary Class, she has had quite a few of the kids asking questions about the Bible.  One particular question specifically asked about the Armor of God. Taking that as a cue to teach a lesson on the Armor of God, Sandra has decided to take the next several Sundays and teach a lesson on each piece of the armor.

To begin the Armor of God study, Sandra introduced the class to the Belt of Truth.  She had each child open their KJV Kids Study Bible to Ephesians 6:10-17.  Once she read the passage to the kids, she explained to them how important a belt was to a soldier back in the Bible days.  A Roman soldier’s belt was a place for him to hold other armor, such as his sword.  In those days, Roman soldiers wore long tunics.  When the soldier was ready for battle, he would reach down, pick up the hem of his tunic, and tuck the hem of the tunic into his belt so he would not trip and fall during battle while he was running.  To a Roman soldier, the belt was an essential piece of armor. Continue reading “Armor of God: The belt of truth”

Making hearts brand new

Last Sunday, we celebrated Easter Sunday.  For Christians, this particular Sunday is extra special because it is the day that Jesus defeated death and rose from the grave.  On that day, Jesus proved to the world that the sacrificing of His life was the ultimate sacrifice and atonement of sins and that we can have hope and eternal salvation through Him if we repent of our sins and believe.

The lesson in the Primary Class focused on how Jesus is able to clean a sinner’s heart and make it brand new through repentance and forgiveness.  Sandra began the lesson by asking the kids what Easter meant.  Several of the kids answered “It was the day Jesus was crucified and died on the cross.” She then asked the kids why Jesus was crucified, with many answering that He was saving us from sin. Continue reading “Making hearts brand new”