Jesus: Defeater of sin

On March 15, 2016, Buckeye Bible Buddies met for the third time.  Buckeye Bible Buddies opened up with Gavin H. leading the kids in prayer.


The format of this Bible Buddies was a little different than normal. First, Dana taught the kids to sing “Sing Hosanna”.  Once the kids had learned the song, the kids headed downstairs to make a craft. Each child made their own palm leaf, which they used during the skit. Continue reading “Jesus: Defeater of sin”


For the heart of a child

This post is going to be a little different than previous posts on the Buckeye Bible Buddies blog.  And that’s because Sunday School class in Sandra’s Primary class was a little, well, different.  For all those who don’t know, it’s Cassie, Sandra’s “helper” that is writing this post.

Class started off like any regular Sunday School class with Sandra taking prayer requests from the kids and praying for their needs.  The lesson of that day was supposed to be on “The Fruits of the Spirit” and we had a craft to go along with the lesson that would have taken most of the class time to complete.  However, before Sandra even got to the lesson, one kid piped up and asked, “So, what happened to Adam and Eve after they got thrown out of the garden?”. Continue reading “For the heart of a child”