Searching for Jesus!

In the previous weeks, the Primary class has learned about the Wise Men and their search for baby Jesus.  To continue with the theme of searching for Jesus, the Primary class learned about the time Mary, Joseph, twelve-year old Jesus, and their friends and relatives traveled to Jerusalem for the festival of Passover.

During their return trip, Mary and Joseph realized that Jesus was not with them, nor was He with their family or friends.  About a day into their journey home, Mary and Joseph decided to return back to Jerusalem to search for their son.  Like the Wise Men, Mary and Joseph kept searching for Jesus (they searched for three days!) until they eventually found him in the temple in the midst of doctors. Continue reading “Searching for Jesus!”


Sunday School Christmas Party

On December 20th, all four Sunday School classes came together for a joint Christmas party and the reading of the Christmas story.  Sandra explained the story of Jesus’ birth to the children.



After the Christmas story was told, Dana and Labreeska lead the kids in Christmas Carols. Continue reading “Sunday School Christmas Party”

Jesus melts your sins away!

On Sunday, December 13th, the Primary Class continued their lesson on the wise men seeking baby Jesus.  The wise men did not stop seeking Jesus until they found Him  almost two years later.

Be like the wise men and seek Jesus until you find him.  Come now, and let us reason together, saith the LORD: though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow… Isaiah 1:18.

When Jesus cleanses you, He washes your sins white as snow and melts your sins away.  The Primary Class made a melted snowman ornament to hang on their tree to remind them that Jesus makes us white as snow when He forgives us of our sins. Continue reading “Jesus melts your sins away!”

And the story continues…

Last week in the Primary Class, we left off with the shepherds searching to find Baby Jesus.  The lesson this week focused on the wise men using the star to navigate them to the Christ Child.


Emphasis was made that the shepherds did not use a star to find sweet Baby Jesus.  Instead, the shepherds searched the stables in Bethlehem until they found Him.  The wise men, on the other hand, saw a new star in the eastern sky and through prophecy and much studying realized that a new king had been born. Continue reading “And the story continues…”

Jesus is the Reason for the Season


This week in the Primary Sunday School Class, the children began learning about Jesus being the reason for the Christmas season.  Christmas is a time for joy, peace, and happiness.  And it is also a time for a celebration of our Savior’s birth.

To start the lesson of Jesus’ birth, the Sunday school teacher, Sandra, began by reading The Birth of Jesus to the children.  Sandra stopped the story right as they got to the part where Jesus was born in the manger.  She took Jesus’ birth as an opportunity to explain to the children why Christmas trees are an important part of our Christmas decorations. Continue reading “Jesus is the Reason for the Season”

One little, two little, three little Indians!

This year, the Buckeye Hollow Thanksgiving Program was on Wednesday, November 25, 2015.

Thanksgiving is a wonderful time to reflect on our blessings, appreciate our family, and most importantly thank Jesus for our salvation and the gift of eternal life with Him in Heaven.  It is also a great time to teach children about being thankful and learning to appreciate their blessings.  During the program, each little pilgrim and each little Indian had the opportunity to say what he or she was thankful for.

IMG_0441 Continue reading “One little, two little, three little Indians!”